RW3 Ventures invests in the infrastructure, protocols, and applications that are driving growth in blockchain technologies, decentralized finance, and the long-term development of Web3.

Founder Testimonials

Lorien Gabel

Co-Founder & CEO

From providing introductions to clients & partners to debating the merits of strategic opportunities, the team at RW3 have been true value add partners and we're thrilled to have them on this journey with us. Through their introduction we were able to secure a significant strategic client with a Tier 1 exchange which has already become one of our largest clients. Their domain expertise and extensive network compliments their hands-on approach and are never more than a phone call away. Any founder would be lucky to have RW3 on their cap table.

Eyhab Aajaz

Co-Founder & CEO

I could not speak more highly about the powerhouse that the RW3 team has been for us. They thoughtfully and creatively balance giving founders space to build while demonstrating real value add by introducing and developing partnerships that are critical to our company in the short and long run. We feel extremely fortunate to have investors and partners like RW3.

Lilita Infante

Founder & CEO

We are so fortunate to have RW3 Ventures as a key investor in CAT Labs. Their hands-on approach is never overbearing, allowing us to maintain our entrepreneurial spirit, while their guidance and expertise consistently enhance our strategic decisions. Their deep industry knowledge and experience in the Web 3 space have consistently provided us with invaluable insights and guidance. Their extensive network and ability to connect us with strategic partners have opened up doors we never thought possible.

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